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Hone your craft with these wide-ranging online courses exploring how to become a great writer.

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Writing is a skill that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Words can be powerful tools that you can use for many different purposes, and an online writing course can help you hone your skills. By studying different forms of writing, you can also boost your skills in other areas.

Why take an online writing course?

The vast majority of us spend quite a bit of time writing each day, even if we don’t realise it.

Whether its work emails, messages to friends, or a journal or diary, the written word plays a huge role in our society. Understanding the process behind writing can help in many areas of life.

Whether you want to get your creative juices flowing, improve your storytelling abilities, or even work on your reading comprehension, a writing course can be the ideal choice for you. And, by studying online, you get a whole host of benefits.

Online writing courses give you the freedom to study whenever and wherever you want. You can plan your study time around your week, meaning you have fewer interruptions and more time to focus on study, work and leisure.

What types of online writing courses are available?

Writing is a diverse topic, meaning there’s a broad selection of courses available for you to try. You could start off with something like a course on how to start writing fiction. This will give you some of the fundamentals of creative writing.

If you’re into movies, an introduction to screenwriting course might be a good fit. We also have courses on academic writing.

For example, you could take a course on science writing to learn about the different types used in the scientific world. For those who love literature, you might want to learn how to do a literature review.

What types of writing qualifications are available?

On FutureLearn, you’ll find a wide variety of learning methods. When it comes to writing, you’ll find a selection of writing courses, as well as online degree options.

Courses give you a shorter learning experience, typically lasting a few weeks. With a degree, you can take a far deeper examination of the key principles and learning areas.

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