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Stress management is a strategic approach to managing and mitigating stress in different environments, including the workplace, classroom, or in our personal lives.

It involves a variety of tactics and techniques, including education about what stress is and what causes it, as well as habits and tools that we can use to take control of stress and stressing factors in our lives.

Stress is a leading cause of various health and mental health issues. It can affect everyone, including children, young people, and adults.

Stress can manifest in many different environments, from professional spaces such as the classroom or workplace, to everyday scenarios in our personal lives.

It can be difficult to avoid stress altogether, but learning about causes and developing strategies to manage and mitigate stress is crucial in preserving our mental and physical health over the long term.

Many helpful stress management techniques can be applied across all aspects of life, from in-the-moment coping mechanisms to lifestyle habits that will help you to cultivate a less stressful routine. Some common and effective stress management techniques include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Taking breaks and time for yourself
  • Connecting with others and communicating your feelings
  • Having a healthy sleep schedule
  • Maintaining an organised workspace
  • Setting clear and achievable goals
  • Prioritising time management

Learn how to manage stress at work

Our stress management courses will provide you with the knowledge and tools required to manage stress in the workplace as well as other aspects of life. Learn stress management skills to benefit your own wellbeing and to support the people around you.

You’ll explore the causes of stress, get a deeper understanding of the impact of mental health and stress on individuals and workforces, and discover coping mechanisms for stress management, such as mindfulness.

Our short online courses are an easy and accessible way to gain management and leadership training around mental health and resilience, providing you and your team with strategies to help you reduce causes of stress as well as offer guidance for managing stressful situations.

Build a stress-free work environment

While our courses can benefit anyone, stress management training is especially useful for managers and people in leadership positions. As well as learning about the impact of stress on productivity in the workplace, our courses will teach you how to empower employees to manage their stress through developing healthy relationships, confidence, and task prioritisation.

As well as creating a healthier workplace environment, you’ll understand your own habits and tendencies, learning to implement stress management techniques to achieve success in your career and become a stronger leader.

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