The study of disease outbreaks and epidemic diseases is known as epidemiology.

The study of disease outbreak and prevention is essential for protecting public health and reducing the impact of future outbreaks. The more we understand about disease outbreaks and pandemics, the more effective our responses can become in the future, reducing their impact on the public and the economy.

There are a number of rewarding career paths available in disease outbreak prevention, including public health nurses, environmental health practitioner, epidemiologist, health improvement practitioners and many more.

There are many courses in disease outbreak available from FutureLearn, including courses on understanding transmission and fighting infection, challenges of antibiotic resistance, the role of vaccines, and a variety of other fascinating course options to choose from.

Understanding pandemics & their impact on society

With the world still seeing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, understanding how society should respond to viral outbreaks is of vital importance.

In an increasingly globalised society, it’s never been easier for viruses and bacteria to spread across borders, moving as easily as the international trade and tourism we all now take for granted.

In the example of COVID-19, the virus originated in China before spreading to every corner of the globe, upending everyday life as we all know it.

Responding to disease outbreaks

As we now know, contagious disease can wreak economic and political havoc – so knowing what effective pandemic response looks like is crucial for citizens and healthcare professionals alike.

It’s also vital to know what steps we can take towards contagious disease prevention – from the simple daily measures the public can perform to stop spread, to best practice using medicines to prevent microbial resistance or potential pharmaceutical shortages.

Public health officials and members of the public both benefit from being as well-informed as possible about the cause, spread, and best response to global pandemics. These courses would also be valuable if you’re considering a career in healthcare, or want to work in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Study disease outbreak & prevention with leading experts

FutureLearn have teamed up with leading institutions and top educators to bring you the latest thinking around contagious diseases and viral pandemics.

Partners like the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are experts in their field, giving you practical examples of the frontline fight to tackle pandemics like the coronavirus.

You’ll learn the science behind the headlines – how infectious diseases originate, the challenges countries face in confronting and defeating pandemics, and what we can do to stop viral outbreak in the future.

Study online today with FutureLearn

FutureLearn’s courses are designed to be 100% online – which means you’re free to learn in your own time, at a pace that suits you. You’ll learn using real-world examples, using video, audio, and articles to explore each topic.

Even better, our learning experience is completely social, meaning you can learn alongside an international group of students, discussing each point with each other along the way.

Disease outbreak and how we respond to it is a topic that will define the century to come. Enrol in one of our courses and discover the information you need to know to stay on top of this pressing issue.

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