Playing video games is one of the most popular pastimes around, but have you ever considered making them?

The games industry is colossal, with many different routes available to people with the right technical skills. It’s the ideal profession for those who want to build a career around their passion for games.

An online game development course can be the ideal first step into such a profession.

Study game development online

Game development is a discipline that draws on and teaches many different skills and technologies. Video games are a medium where anything is possible, and they range from the simple to complex.

Whether you want to create a simple mobile app game or develop a rich, virtual universe, an online gaming development course can be a good place to start.

Our portfolio of game development courses offers our learners the chance to develop skills and explore their interests in the industry.

So, if you’re not sure whether this is something you want to pursue as a hobby or a profession, you can take a course and find out.

As you learn about the foundations of game development, you’ll also acquire skills that are useful across many industries. Programming and coding skills are central to game development, but can also be utilised in so many other professions.

You’ll also learn about self-motivation, organisation, and attention to detail, as well as logic for games or creativity for world-building.

Choosing the right course for you

Because game development is such a diverse field, we offer a range of learning opportunities across several areas.

If you’re a total beginner, you might want to check out our course on how to start your career in game development. It teaches you about some of the skills needed and what the industry expects from budding game developers.

For those looking to learn about some of the concepts and studies related to the industry, you’ll also find courses to fit your needs. For example, you can learn about the history of video game music or how data science is used in the games industry.

These courses can all be taken over a relatively short space of time, usually lasting a few weeks. You’ll need to commit just a few hours of study each week, and you can fit your learning around your existing schedule.

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