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Educational leadership courses will teach you the theoretical and practical skills required to be a successful leader, including leadership styles, strategies, and approaches. You will learn how to identify your own strengths as a leader and gather tools that you can carry with you into your career.

There are many similarities and crossovers between leadership and management, and both leaders and managers require similar skills in order to be successful in their roles.

In general, leadership involves motivating and guiding individuals or teams towards a particular vision, while management focuses on creating an efficient environment that provides people with the necessary tools and processes to achieve that vision.

Anyone working in education will benefit from educational leadership and management courses. However, these courses will be particularly useful to those working in or towards leadership positions including:

  • Headteachers
  • Assistant head teachers
  • Heads of departments
  • Assistant heads of department
  • Managers in administrative roles
  • Teachers who are looking to level up and pursue a career path in a leadership role

Gain the skills you need to lead effectively

Our educational leadership courses will help you develop skills, tools, and strategies to achieve your goals, improve morale and operations, and support staff and students at your institution.

You’ll explore theoretical and practical aspects of leadership and management, including general theories, approaches, strategies, and leadership styles in order to develop educational leadership skills.

From the importance of critical thinking to tactics of instructional leadership, our wide range of online educational leadership courses will help you create a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

You will learn how to prioritise education while also providing support for staff and students in your educational space. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of leadership in the context of education and explore how educational leadership differs from leadership and management in other professional fields.

Study for an MA in educational leadership with FutureLearn

For educators looking for comprehensive CPD or qualifications that can be applied towards their degree, we also offer an online MA in educational leadership and microcredentials in teaching.

As well as providing in-depth guidance on how to become a better educational leader, these advanced online educational leadership courses will teach you how to impart your knowledge to guide and support coworkers in leadership roles.
You’ll receive mentoring from experienced educational leaders, who will provide guidance on how to create a positive culture, encourage wellbeing, improve efficiency and productivity, and set the right tone for your school.

These online educational leadership and management courses will enhance your skills, help you identify your strengths, and give you the tools and confidence to apply your knowledge in practice.

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