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Studying dentistry online is a great way for industry professionals to log CPD hours, stay updated with industry developments, and diversify their skillset.

For students who are interested in the field, it’s a great way to learn about dentistry and understand if it’s the right career path for you. It can also strengthen your application for dentistry school and help you stand out.

Our online dentistry courses are great for a wide variety of students. Those already in the dentistry world (or interested in a career within the industry), such as dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists, or dental assistants will find value in learning about industry developments and specialist subjects.

Online dentistry courses can also support skill sets and careers outside of dentistry, such as nursing, care, and other health-related positions.

There are many opportunities in the world of dentistry. Some of the most common dentistry careers include:

  • Dentist: Monitor oral health, provide oral treatments (crowns, fillings, etc.)
  • Dental hygienist: Support the dentist by conducting general teeth health checks and cleanings
  • Dental assistant or dental nurse: Support the dentist by sterilising dental instruments, performing x-rays
  • Dental laboratory technicians: Develop oral support devices, such as mouthguards and retainers

The process for entering a career in dentistry varies widely, depending on where you live and which profession you want to pursue.

Generally speaking, to become a dentist you’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree (typically 3-4 years), pass a dental admissions test/dental aptitude test, and complete post-graduate studies at a school of dentistry (typically 4 years).

To become a dental hygienist, you’ll typically need to complete a dedicated diploma or a program that’s part of a bachelor’s degree, which can take 2-4 years.

Dental nurses or assistants will typically need to complete a diploma program (usually 1 year). Some dental clinics offer a hybrid on-the-job training option.

Study Dentistry Online

Dentistry and oral care isn’t just about fresh pearly whites – proper dental hygiene can improve overall health and reduce risk of other health issues like cancer.

According to the World Health Organisation, oral health issues affect 3.5 billion people around the world. The demand for dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists, and dental assistants is prevalent, and online dentistry courses are a gateway to kickstarting your career and maintaining expertise.

Dentistry courses are an essential tool for anyone involved in the dentistry field, from dentists and dental nurses who need to keep up with their regulator CPD (continuing professional development) requirements to dental hygienists or assistants who are looking to broaden their industry knowledge.

Online dentistry courses can help you keep up with the latest developments, legislation, and technology within the dentistry world. For those who run a practice, online dentistry courses can be a great way to maintain professionalism and ensure duties towards patients, employees, and colleagues are continuously being met.

Explore the latest research in dentistry

Dentistry is a dynamic industry that is constantly growing and adapting. It’s for this reason that dental professionals in most countries are required to complete a minimum number of CPD hours per year.

From changing technologies, such as dental photography, to new medicine and discoveries, such as tackling antibiotic resistance, we offer many online dentistry courses that delve into specific aspects of dentistry.

We also offer a variety of courses that zoom out and look at wider aspects of dentistry and medical theory. For example, we help students from all levels understand the foundation of modern dentistry and how oral health impacts other areas, such as the brain.

Gain dentistry certifications and CPD

Taking dentistry courses online is a great way for practising dental professionals to log hours towards mandatory CPD requirements. As well as adhering to industry regulations, these courses allow you to improve your operations at every stage.

You can learn about medical advancements, new equipment, updated recommendations for safeguarding, patient care, and staff development, to name a few relevant areas. Online dentistry courses can elevate your practice, help you stand out from competitors and offer value to your clients.

If you’re a prospective dentistry student or thinking about taking a dental assistant or dental hygienist course, studying online can give you a valuable foundation of knowledge. As well as building your confidence it will show that you’re motivated and differentiate your application within the competitive academic dentistry environment.

Your options for studying dentistry online

We’ve partnered with leading universities from around the world, alongside industry regulators such as the UK Health Security Agency and the World Dental Federation, to provide you with access to dentistry courses online.

Explore introductory content designed for those who are looking for a dental practitioner, dental assistant, or dental hygienist course, such as the University of Glasgow’s Becoming a Dentist. You can also find speciality content that can be applied to CPD hours. We offer a variety of flexible learning options, with short-term courses starting at just 2 weeks to complete.

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