Deakin University


With over 61,000 students, Deakin is one of Australia’s largest universities and all students, regardless of their campus or mode of study, benefit from Deakin’s award-winning digital environment. Deakin’s four faculties offer courses across the arts, science, sport, nutrition, architecture, business, law, medicine, engineering, allied health and teaching. Deakin fastest growing campus is in the Cloud Campus where over 15,000 students study predominantly online. Deakin also has four onsite campuses in Victoria, Australia (in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool).

Deakin has a deliberate focus on teaching, with student satisfaction and employability the key indicators of success. Deakin prides itself on developing career-ready graduates, innovative and resilient and well prepared for rapidly changing workforce needs. Deakin is proud of its inclusive and student-focused culture and its reputation for using innovative digital solutions to provide an engaging and personalised learning experience. Deakin is committed to providing students with choices about how, when and where learning occurs.

Deakin’s growing reputation is reflected in its rapid rise in the international rankings, currently in the top two per cent of the world’s universities. Research at Deakin focusses on innovation and robust partnerships with industry and Deakin is building a formidable reputation in areas of emerging national social, economic and political priority. As a Victorian university with a global impact, Deakin is translating its research into the commercial outcomes that will drive the innovation agenda within and beyond Australia.​

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