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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is essentially all about attracting and retaining customers to your business. Most of the time, businesses use some kind of CRM software to help them improve customer experience. These systems gather and store customer information to help you understand consumer behaviour and get the most out of customer interactions.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading universities and institutes to bring you a range of courses where you can either gain an introduction to CRM or build on your current skills. This can help you upskill to a new role or develop your professional credentials.

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Earn personalised CRM certificates when you complete an online course on FutureLearn, complete with lead educator signatures, organisation logos and course details. Share your achievements with employers, on Linkedin, on your CV and more.

Learn about customer experience management

Customer experience (CX) and customer success professionals are in high demand, and this demand is expected to grow in the coming years. Learning about these areas means that you could compete for one of 3.3 million new jobs that require Salesforce skills between 2016 and 2022.

In addition, 60% of companies are expected to invest even more in this technology to help them generate reliable customer data to support data-driven decision making. For this reason, learning about customer experience management and CRM seems like a great investment.

Your options for studying CRM

We have several CRM ExpertTracks that will help you gain in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of CRM and how to use popular CRM systems such as Salesforce. ExpertTracks are learning subscriptions where you can work through different courses on your chosen topic at your own pace.

FutureLearn also offers microcredentials and degree courses in digital marketing, which can help to complement your knowledge of CRM. Microcredentials are professional credentials designed for you to build in-demand career skills, whereas our online degree courses allow you to gain academic credit and graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about helping businesses form better relationships with their customers by using software that performs data analysis on anything from purchase records and customer emails to phone calls. The ultimate aim is to improve customer experience while also driving more sales.

Can I learn CRM online?

Since CRM software systems rely on digital data and technology, it is simple to learn about CRM online. Our CRM courses don’t require any in-person teaching, so you’re free to study whenever suits you. You can also learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a digital device.

What are the top CRM courses?

If you want to learn all of the basics of CRM, our CRM Fundamentals and Practice ExpertTrack is the perfect place to start. You’ll learn how to use Salesforce, including how to set up Salesforce at your organisation, and acquire key CRM skills to grow customer loyalty and sales.

If you’re interested in customer experience more broadly, our Customer Experience Design for Customer Success ExpertTrack created in collaboration with Salesforce will teach you how to optimise customer experience.

What are some of the top CRM systems?

The most popular CRM software is undoubtedly Salesforce, which offers everything a business might need in order to track customer interactions. Some of the other most popular CRM systems include Zoho, a multichannel, cloud-based CRM, and HubSpot, a CRM that is totally free.

How do I start a career in CRM?

If you want to be a CRM developer, you might need a computer science degree or something similar, as it can be a highly technical role. If you’re more interested in CRM management, you might still need a degree but you’ll want to focus more on marketing, sales and business management.

Our online courses are a great opportunity to learn the basics before applying for junior CRM specialist jobs and internships, where you’ll be able to continue your professional development.

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