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Develop your understanding of autism with our flexible online autism courses, covering topics like autism education and attention in autistic people.

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Learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with our short online courses.


Studying autism online is a great way to expand your understanding at a pace and format that suits your lifestyle. You can learn at your own tempo and access a variety of short-form courses from some of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Our online autism courses cover a variety of different focuses and perspectives. You can learn about autism in great detail, with course material that has been written by and in consultation with people with autistic perspectives.

Autism awareness courses can help to expand your understanding of autism and diversify your perspective on the ways in which autistic people experience the world.

For people who live or work closely with those on the autism spectrum, studying autism provides you with tools that can be put into practice on a daily basis.

Everyone can benefit from learning about autism. Our online courses promote greater understanding and help encourage inclusivity in personal life, at school, in the workplace, and beyond. While anyone can benefit from these courses, autism courses are particularly important for educators and people who teach or regularly work with autistic people.y. Gain insight and understanding to improve how you develop strategies for teaching, assessment, and communication with autism training.

Enhance your knowledge of autism and how to support those living with autism

Autism courses are an easy and accessible way to learn more about autism, expand your awareness, and develop insights on how to support people living with autism.

Our online autism courses cover many different aspects of autism, including how it affects communication, patterns of thinking, and social behaviour.

From developing education strategies for autistic students to creating inclusive spaces for autistic people in personal or professional environments, autism training factors into many aspects of school, work, and life.

Improve your awareness of autism in education

Our wide range of online autism courses will benefit people in the education sector and beyond. Expanding your understanding of autism and learning about how autistic people experience the world can help you to improve mindfulness and promote inclusivity.

Explore best practices in autism education, and understand how attention and autism work together. You’ll learn how to use technology to support people with autism and create lesson plans alongside communication strategies that are geared towards autistic students.

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